A Simple Kit of Spiritual Tools Was All We Needed.....

Essay Typer Unblocked
It occurs to all school students. It is inevitable. You need everything to be just perfect and dread to touch the computer keyboard or set your pencil to paper. Sounds familiar, does not it?

AA Big Book
On-line Version of the 4th edition of Alcoholics Anonymous

12 Steps and 12 Traditions
On-line Version of 12 Steps and 12 Traditions book. Commonly known as the 12-n-12.

Daily Reflections
On-line Version of Alcoholic Anonymous Daily Reflections Book

Sobriety Calculator
On-line Sobriety Calculator. Calculate how long you have been sober in seconds, minutes, days, and years. Remember its only one day at a time that we achieve sobriety.

Daily Mediation Page
On-line Daily Mediation and Recovery Page

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